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Always on account

I do not know if this would be possible fully possible with how the site system is, but I would like to suggest the ability to pay for an alt to be always on. Like one can pay and choose an username that will not go offline during the month.

Now what would it be? Well the Alt would be able to help keep rooms around for longer if they can not personal make sure their computers are always on. or If one is afraid that their area could lose power and it is a small room with only like 2-4 constant visiters a day with only 1 account to keep the room up would make sure the room does not poof due to a freak power outage or the like.

Now, since I do understand that this might take up more valuable resources per account, I am suggesting it to be a pay per month kind of thing, rather than the current pay once and you always have it,


  • I'm interested in this suggestion. If anyone has any better variations of this suggestion I'm down to hear those, too.

  • I wholeheartedly agree. If there were a way to pay to keep a room open, that would be brilliant. I can't always keep an account signed on, but if there were a way to make sure the room was still open for the others that frequent it, that would be worth it to me.

  • You guys ever visit an Enjin site and see how people donate to add days to it? What if users of a room (not even the owner) could donate days of expiration-exclusion to a room?

  • Why not pay a certain amount (rough ex: $10 for a month) and it keeps the room open for a month no matter how many people were in it.

    I remember we had something similar to that on rpc in the past. Didn't we? I know it was mainly popular rooms, but it seemed to work.

  • Per-day, per-month, per-year, whichever; this is a feature that I think a lot of people have wanted to see.

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