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Ideas for RP ~ Comment if Interested

Academy - An Academy for the supernatural. They teach all the usual things plus magic, control for certain species, supernatural history, alchemy, and they train Guardians... those who protect both the supernatural population and the humans by maintaining balance. Those who are trained enough may be hand selected to become Gatekeepers, the ones who guard the pathways between dimensions. Gatekeepers are supposed to be neutral and they undergo spells and oaths to change then into something more than they were... making then uniquely powerful. However, someone/something has found a way to pick off the Gatekeepers and beings who don't care about the balance are stirring chaos... murder etc in the human population and picking off powerful members of the supernatural population as well.

Teire - There is a story that long ago people were created with 4 arms, 4 legs, and 2 heads. They were too powerful and immortal and so the gods, in their envy, split them apart and made humans... forever seeking their other half. However, there were those who fought against their new lot... they rejected their souls and in doing so became immortal once again. However, this left certain humans without a match and when they died they became the Lost... hungry entities who feed on other humans and drain away anything positive. It caused depression, psychopathy, sociopathy, anxiety... it left nothing but the negative and empty behind. In order to stop the Lost, the gods created the Tiere... giving the willfully abandoned souls of the Forsaken to their human match.... but still they were left without a soulmate and so the gods gave them another half of a soul... an animal form and a balance that needed to be maintained. The Teire are able to see the Lost, able to destroy them but the Forsaken envied the Teire's new power. They began hunting them... and thereby creating more Lost. Balances: A gift attached to a curse... Example: Someone with a truth balance can always tell if someone is lying but cannot lie themselves. Life balance can heal a person but can never harm another living being. Death can resurrect someone but someone else has to die in their place....

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