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Coding assitance

So this is where I'll list places to get codes, coding templates, html live editors and general editors. All codes are credited to their creators. This is a long term collection spanning years, I don't remember who gave me what.

Have a paatebin of what might be current or old layout links for now though I got a lot of codes I was given that I'll pastebin at some point for people and make a gallery for or something and list out coders people can commission.

NOTE: If I listed yours and you no longer want it made public. (Chances are you gave it to me when it was public) Let me know and it'll be removed. Also if you are a coder and list free codes, also let me know. Always fund on RPC. This thread will change as I add stuff for coders and life html editors.

Live editor:

Live editor:

Image editor:

Image resizer:

Gif editor:

RPC post breaker for non donors:

Change RPC password:">Change RPC password

Old code recovery:


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