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Find RP Addition

I only know very basic coding so don't know how in-depth this would have to be or if it would be too much to be worth it, but I think it would be useful to be able to create "tags" in your Find RP posts. Some common themes used here (example tags below) that people can filter the Find RP by or not. I've seen multiple times over the past few days where there are 60+ ads in there, and reading through all of them when a decent amount don't interest or pertain to me can get tiring and boring. Being able to search or filter by specific tags you're interested in can help people find RP easier.

It would probably require there be specifically created tags rather than people making their own (otherwise it would get out of hand and people wouldn't use the same formatting of it to search by), and suggestions for tags can go to Dav or whoever is maintaining that list.

Examples Tags:





No Limits



Male for Female

Male for Male

Male for Futa/Shemale/Herm

Male for Any

Female for Female

Female for Male

Female for Futa/Shemale/Herm

Female for Any









Room Ad


  • This is a good plan, I like this plan. Please make this a thing!

  • This page seems to be a work in progress, & has a few issues imo. ~ But in that assumption, I'm just going to be patient & hope. ~ Kudos on any coding skill. It's so far over a luddite like me's brain, it's not even funny. 😉

  • I like this. I recommended this before but I don't think Dav saw it. I would like this to become a thing.

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