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Forum Categories

Currently, the homepage of the forum shows everything. While it's possible to go to individual categories by clicking on them on the right hand side, it can look a bit messy with the way it everything just shows at the front. So my suggestion on the homepage would be to make the main categories as links there, and allowing people to view.




--->Large thread with all people's intros


--->Individual thread posts for whatever memes folks wanna share

-->Pretty character art

--->Individual thread posts of whatever art folks wanna share. Maybe a specific thread for original art versus others.

-->Coding Help/Templates

-->Whatever else other people generally talk about

Roleplay (Individual RP threads can be made inside these subcategories)





-->High Fantasy

-->Seeking Chat RP


-->Forum Suggestions

-->RPC Suggestions



Etc. for other main threads. Also, put a "New Posts" widget or something on the side with a link to the title of posts that were newly made so people can still see most recent posts, as well as maybe a "New Comments" one just beneath that so we don't lose the "visibility" into recent posts we currently have with the homepage setup.

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