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The Roanoke Virus . (Fenster)

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Creation- Much like most horrible, horrible weapons, it was created out of fear. This Particular virus is born from a pact made with a ancient demon by vile men (*cro*) in an attempt to kill off magic users.

Roanoke is the most notable example of a "settlement." of magic users being taken out , but other " Ghost towns." like St Elmo, and ( insert other european ghost towns ) here. are the result of the parasite running its course. Many time cover stories are created to cloak the existance of a virus of supernatural origin. Transfer-

Roanoke Virus is transfered by open wound physically ( Blood to blood.) or "spiritually" ( magically) when in contact with an infected ( If unprotected and you were to try and heal them, lets say. Or leaving ones self -open- to attack ( telepathy. etc.)

Symptoms: upon first becoming infected a victim will fall comatose where the parasite adapts to its new host. The parasite takes up position wrapped firmly around the spinal cord, and impanting into the brain stem. the victims altered magics and auras take on a resulting taint ( worm like black threads coursing throughout.) Small black veins will start to appear on a victims body as the virus spreads.

NON magical transmition of the virus is usually a result of an infected magic user attacking another. An infected will then (release) a part of there own taint into the wound of the victim. Be warned, the blood is - acidic- and it hurts like hell as it tunnels its way in.

To be infected magically is far less painful, yet results in the same comatose state as the parasite adapts.

If trying to -remove- the parasite magically results in varying degrees of damage, as the parasite will "burrow" further into the host . etc.


The infected experience a sort of -Hive- mind once awakening. They will protect each other and move in mass if need be. The Parasites need to spread and survive will cause paranoia and most likely cause the infected to see allies as threats,. The Parasite also causes the "awakened" victims to seek out other magic users and infect them as a way of survival . This senseless and violent paranoia only increases the longer the person is "sick."


There is a ritual to remove the virus and avoid the fates of the Roanoke and St Elmos settlers. But until then the parasite can also be contained if the person is rendered unconscious.


  • Cliff notes- Virus can be caught via blood to blood contact or spirit to spirit.
  • It is -not- able to be "healed" magically, in fact, as a defense against magic, it will get worse.
  • All those infected are paranoid and being manipulated into spreading the virus by any means . It wants to survive. ( think zombie. except it wants magic! not brains. yay?)
  • Hive mind. telepathy. coolness. Aside from the initial shock of voices in your head.
  • There IS a cure. Is will discovered in play.
  • If you want to be a victim . let me know. Ill work it in asap. I would like to see this spread- quite a bit- before the ritual is found. because. violence. and panic. and FUN.

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