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The problem with "Please Set Your Gender"

Every time I make a new character or profile, I'm faced with this, and you know what, I have had enough. With every new character, you're required to set your gender. And when you pull up the screen, you're faced with:







What kind of backwards site are we trying to be? So insulting, so disrespectful, to such a large part of our current, and potential, userbase?

Where are the slurs for the Males and Females! Us transgender and gender non-comforming folx get all these fine and creative names to groan our way through and have thrown in our faces! But the poor cis boys and girls, all they get is their scientific term and I will not stand for it no more! A cis person has just as much right to have to cringe every time they check their gender, and to have people call them weird and gross things when they're approached! I say it's high time for some Equality.

Here are some of my own suggestions for the Male and Female options!

Males: Dickboy, Mascboy, Sackman, Ballboy, Test-Toy, Andro, Manwhore

Females: Femgirl, Cuntgirl, Gyno, Breeder, Vagslut

"Cissy" could work for both (and then we'd just need the one option)! Please feel free to suggest more!

*For real tho, most trans women fuckin loathe the word "shemale", and when I go "Oh I wanna make a transgender character!" my interest just melts into depression when I see the words Cuntboy and Shemale. All I'm suggesting is changing Cuntboy to FTM or Trans-man and Shemale to MTF or Trans-woman. Oh and maybe add a "No gender" or "N/A" for those wanting to play eldritch concepts come to life.


  • i appreciate you speaking out for this!!

  • Dickboy and Vagslut sounds like a superhero duo so cis people should feel honored to use those!

  • You realise these terms are sexual, right? You wouldn't call someone a shemale/futa if you weren't talking about them in a sexual sense.

  • edited August 2019

    That doesn't change the fact that these are slurs. Yes, some people are into it, transfolks included -- but it's still very jarring and even triggering for many of us.

    Why not give people a happy medium by adding more options? Simply giving us transmasc, transfemme, and intersex would cover it all.

  • I feel this is a troll post.

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