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Profile Improvement?

I have seen many people having a small picture of a character instead of their name and making it linkable. I would like to change my friends list on my profile from linkable names to linkable pictures. Could anyone give advice on how to do this?

Here is my profile:


  • It's very simple;

    <a href="Link to a profile"> <img src="Link of an image" border="0" width="100" height="100" alt="Hover text"> </a>

    It's the same process as your linked text, but instead, you insert an image where the names should be (everything under <a> gets linked). You can edit height and width of your image in pixels, edit its border and so on. You don't have to insert both height and width as the size scales.

  • Thank you very much, Margo. With this in mind, my profile should look a little more appealing now.

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