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RP pet peeves?

out of curiosity, what's your guys's pet peeves with roleplay partners? things that people do that just irk you to no end! they can be petty, or they can be something a little more serious. i dunno.

personally, a big pet peeve i have is when somebody gets angry at me for not using uppercase letters in my writing. it happens sorta often, and i wanna just be like hAVE U EVER HEARD OF A WRITING STYLE YOU ABSOLUTE EGG

i also greatly dislike it when people roleplay with asterisks rather than quotes, but that's just a preference haha. nothing i'd shun someone over.


  • When they don't put in effort, period. I think I can tolerate most other things. MOST.

  • Honestly, lately... It's been the rooms that have the "cliques" and don't let any new members in or if they do, make them feel like outcasts. Like if your going to open your room the public and let others in, you should ya know, LET THEM IN, Not be assholes and just shut them out.

  • I totally agree with you sweet_heart. I joined a room and was even nice enough to give one of my favorite names that I wasn't fond of giving up to one of the members because they wanted to play that character. Then one little incident where I would post and was basically ignored, lead to me making a post and it ultimately pissed everyone off and they more or less shunned me before I was banned from the room. This is why I'm not a huge fan of role playing in a chat room style setting and prefer to find decent people that are good role players and strictly role play one on one.

  • I have had that happen to me. Where i would be banned from a room because people in there 'weren't comfortable with me' Like they don't even fucking know me, how am i making them uncomfortable???

  • Not surprised to say the least. This has always been an issue on roleplaying chat rooms.

  • I spent a day today feeling this way. Its hard to find your place, especially as a hetero male.

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