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Art Removal

edited June 3 in General

Is someone using your artwork in their profile and you want it removed?

First, know this:

  • Images are not hosted on RPC. They are merely embedded via HTML from 3rd party sites.
  • I will only accept requests from the artist or commissioner to remove images.
  • Just because you're friends with an artist does not mean you can request takedowns.
  • Do not try to middle-man with me for the artist.
  • Also, don't be a jerk just because someone used your art for roleplay.

Here's how to request they stop embedded your images:

  • Contact Dav#6969 on Discord.
  • You must prove you are the artist or show proof you started the commission.
  • Be exact in your description of which images the profile is using against your wishes.
  • That's pretty much all you have to do.
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