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Art Removal

edited September 2019 in General

Is someone using your artwork in their profile and you want it removed?

First, know this:

  • Images are not hosted on RPC. They are merely embedded via HTML from 3rd party sites.
  • I will only accept requests from the artist or commissioner to remove images.

Here's how to request they stop embedded your images:

  • Contact using this format:
SUBJECT LINE: Art Removal ProfileNameHere

"The lion wearing a santa hat. The 3rd from the bottom. Also the two squirrels eating pizza when you click on their gallery tab."
"Here is my account on and here is a post I added before contacting you saying 'RPC Proof' so you know it's me."
  • Do 1 email per offending profile to keep things simple.
  • The offending links will be filtered out of the profile and they will be contacted via RPC Mail.

How this likely happened:

  • Someone went to an image site like or something similar.
  • They were like "oooh I like this one I'll make a profile for it".
  • They did some unspeakable RP, perhaps ruining your fursona furever.
  • Someone got mad at them and decided to contact the image owner.
  • We're not exclusively a furry site but 99% chance your art is fur-related.
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