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RPC crashing/lagging/taking forever to load.

I know that a lot of people have said that as of late, RPC has been extremely laggy for them. Up until now, the lag wasn't anything I couldn't handle.

Since last night, any time I tab out of RPC to check something else, I'll tab back to RPC and get a black screen for several seconds at a time. I tried clearing my cache, and that seemed to work for a little while before I went back to encountering the same issue. On top of this, RPC now lags so badly that I've had it crash while I'm in the middle of rps with other people, resulting in me losing my entire post. It's gotten to a point where I have to refresh RPC every time I tab back to it or else it will lag so terribly that I can't even see what I'm typing, switch rooms or alts, see my DMs, or it will crash altogether and then I'll have to relaunch it anyway.

I've tried lessening my amount of tabs at a time, as well as how many characters I have logged into at a time, with little to no improvement. Advice would be appreciated; I'm at a point where getting regular use out of the site feels like a hassle. If it's relevant at all, I use Chrome.


  • Since you made this post:

    • I have made some optimizations to make the initial loading into RPC easier for slower devices.
    • I also made some changes so after-login resource consumption is a bit lighter.

    Hope these changes are enough to help.

  • 2 days ago:

    • I fixed a timing error where sometimes RPC wouldn't finish loading the chat page.

    1 day ago:

    • I noticed RPC was acting up. I didn't change anything and had restarted various services to fix it but none of the resources were being hindered. Not even the network. Turning on "I'm under attack" mode on Cloudflare seems to have fixed the issue immediately. That means it was probably some Layer 7 attack. I'll just leave that mode on since it only checks for 5 seconds anyway.
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