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Roleplay Room Recruitment Masterpost!

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I've come to notice that a lot of the rooms which have potential and intentions of being big serious themed RP rooms don't really have a chance here on RPC to grow and recruit new members. Usually the bigger ones are a big wonderful mixed bag of personalities and about 1000 or so people chillin in the PM onlys. But what about the people who want to belong to a smaller, more focused themed roleplay group?

What if someone wants to live in Paris, or someone is looking for a room just about Greek Mythos? All we have is the Find RP thingy, but that's usually filled with members who are only seeking one on one role plays, and the feed goes pretty quickly making it easy to miss out on really good room opportunities. So I want to make here a place where people can reference a list of more specific rooms, "where can I go if I want to play this type of character" list. A place where the advert for your room can sit and stay, and people can search it here!

Post below your room name, what your targeted player audience, and overall themes to your room! I'd like to keep tabs on the rooms below and what they're all about, and where to go if you're looking for a bit of a community to get into.

Heres an example template to copy and paste to help people find your room! Please delete all my example answers and fill out your own within your reply post under this thread

:) Happy Room Hunting/recruitment, everyone!

Room Name:

Possum Springs

Room Description:

Originally founded in 1795, the Deep Hollow County town is now suffering from hard times. Several old buildings are abandoned and boarded up. The main industry of the town was once its copper mine. The mine closed in the 1980s, resulting in massive unemployment. A saw mill and a glass factory also closed.

Room Genre:

Horror - Modern

( other ideas: action - anime - cartoon - adventure - fiction - science fiction - fantasy - furry - gore - crime - movie - romance - comic book - video game - undead - etc.)

General Locations:

Pennsylvania - Small Town - Clubs - Residential

Post Lengths Allowed:

one liner, semi-para, multi-para, novella, (or all of the above)

Room Website/Page:

Post Linky Here!

Room Owners to Contact:

VIP here!

*Additional Information:

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