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Mirror Of (something something)

Hello friends, After the procession theme I thought something a little more lighthearted may be in order ( um... before more horror.) I need players! - This is a fractured reality theme. So you know -layers-


Player A " the trigger." Player A finds mirror whilst shopping at flea market , rumaging though stage , gets it in mail. ( choose, my friend.) etched with small incantation on surface pane . Surprise! this sets of a curse devised by a playful ( and now most likely passed away) warlock. The mirror shatters into three piece upon reciting the mantra, Anyone not asleep at 2 in the morning ( or within a certain distance of said building.) is now plunged into a fractured reality consisting of THREE types of people and allowing for creative freedom. and Three layers with THREE possible solutions


For example.

Each groups reality is sprung from the mind of an Anchor ( this will be the person who the realities concept takes root.) For example- Say your character is -immortal- . Soon they and two of their friends find themselves in a time of days gone day ( fenster 1800? who knows.) The anchor realizes the reality is -flawed- right away, but the other two are successflly entranced. Is one secretly - adored- by the Anchor? Maybe they become the love interest. THe other takes on another character. Maybe a villian. Th emain objective is to FIND the mirror in this reality, and break it before something happens that can't be undone.



Group one (3) 1800's ( something something something) someone help!

Group 2: ( trigger is from another world. ( alien) Group on warring homeland.) ( familiar faces will take on roles from players past. Ie sister , mentor, lover. they will have memories of homeland, events, as the illusion stems from anchors mind. _

Group 3: Monsters have invaded the town ( images of previous villians fill the citizens with panic. Triggers job will be to convince members of this group its an illusion, before people get harmed ( Some members may be cast in role of -villian-. setting is a near future fenster, where nearly everything is destroyed.


The outcome, all three pieces of the mirror have to be replaced, ( it exsists so that it can be seen clearly on all panes) witht he trigger in the right mind set to recite the spell once more and reset reality to its correct state


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