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IC-first vs OOC-first

So many of the rooms in RPC seem to have an OOC-first mentality rather than an IC-first. That's different than other places that I have played, and I am interested in finding ways to promote more of the opposite, with OOC more relegated to the background (DMs or the occasional ( 'hi' ) ). While I've been trying to help develop a deep history and rich world In Eluaria, I'm going to be trying to initiate smaller scenes that are more casual and open to a 'pop in for a quick IC hello' mentality.

I'm wondering if anyone else has thoughts on this - other ways to help drive more IC scenes rather than waiting for a certain person or group to come around to get your IC fix in.


  • This is definitely something I've noticed as well. Most rooms prefer shitposting half-ic/half-ooc that /some/times develop into something more serious. I'm right there with you, but I don't think it's something that can be regulated across RPC, it's more of a room-based thing and if no one really cares enough to do what you're suggesting, it just won't happen.

    I have played in a few rooms where you have to specify a location in order to post IC, but when no one's writing, there's still tons of OOC chatter. If you find a solution, I'd be curious to hear it.

  • The only solution I can think of is to demonstrate the different approach, to dive in and sacrifice any pre-planned scenes with something more simple on occasion. An open tavern, visit to the market, or any other simple scene that makes it clear that anyone hanging around could join in without any other sort of pretense. (The open tavern seems to get the most use in practice.)

    I'll be trying that in Eluaria from time to time. Small, inconsequential scenes with the only intent being to lure roleplay with people other than the normal ones I generally play with. Who knows what could happen?

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