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Minecraft Server

edited October 21 in General

I made a Minecraft server for Java edition.


Plugins so far:

  • Grief Prevention (for claims)
  • EssentialsX (for /tpaccept, /spawn, /sethome, etc.)
  • CoreProtect (to log blocks/allows me to rollback)
  • Mythic Mobs (cool mobs)

Not laggy:

Ryzen 2700X @ 4.5GHz, SSDs, 1Gbps network

Server style:

Non-PVP normal survival server. Make farms, enchant gear, and show it off to your friends. There is no economy on this server. It's just survival with random people, but you get a sense of security since you have your own land. Not like Factions where your land can be taken.

keepInventory = true


  • Can I ask what version of the java it is?

  • Shoot, is the server down?

  • vote if you wanna. It can give more activity.

  • With mob griefing off it is nice and all, but it is stopping villager powered auto farmsm so think in the future we can have it so only creepers and endermen do not break blocks?

  • I enabled mobGriefing and added these datapacks.

  • I just noticed it today, but my claim blocks stopped accumulating. Is there a claim block cap or is the accumulation slowed down now? Thanks.

  • It was set to a max of 20,000 but I just set it to 50,000 so you shouldn't run out of blocks in the future.

  • Added some floating islands that make great starter homes or just something to explore.

  • I just added the Mythic Mobs and Infernal Mobs plugins.

  • DavDav
    edited October 21

    Removed Infernal Mobs.

    Players now drop heads as trophies when slain by other players.

    Creepers now damage players again.

    Mobs and players display a blood effect when hit.

    Your screen gets a red tint when you're hurt.

    Your heartbeat increases when you're hurt as well.

    Fire destroys AND spreads in unclaimed areas. (useful for forest clearing)

    TNT destroys blocks in unclaimed areas. (TNT mining is now possible)

    Added randomly spawning meteorites that have loot and a guardian.

    You may now chop down trees and instantly take all their wood, when using an axe.

    Added a 0.001 chance to drop an ELYTRA into the Drop Tables for killing a Mythic Mob.

    Difficulty changed from Easy to Normal.

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