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Roleplaying Communities and Cliques.

The one thing I am sick and tired of is the conglomeration of cliques going around. There are tons of people willing to make tight knit groups. This is understandable as the number one perk of friendship is to have a group of like-minded people willing to accept you for who you are. It becomes a problem when you not only make trouble for other users on the site, but you intentionally make it your groups goal to raise hell in a number of rooms. The fun part of roleplaying sites is to meet like-minded people and share a world you and that partner create to make things better. It becomes an issue the moment you tend to shut others out for the sake of a group, complain that no one whats to roleplay with you and you're always bored, and then constantly rinse and repeat. It's worse because every member of said group does the same exact thing.

You want different? Accept difference. If you wish for a certain thing and that certain thing shows up on your doorstep like a convenient gift basket, maybe take the time to actually give it a shot. If the new partner you let in doesn't appeal to you THEN you can immediately decline and block. However, I find it hilarious that almost every room I go into has these "I'm so boooored! I can't find annnnyoneeeee!" type people, but only stick to their little clique. Never wanting to branch out or give anyone else a shot.


  • Most people who do that have been around RPC long enough to know what it has to offer. Nothing about cliques is gonna change if all you do is complain about them. Cliques happen because these groups of friends prefer each other over everybody else, whether it's for their writing ability or likeability.

    Most people are also smart enough to know whether they'll like something at first glance, it's called having a taste. People are naturally predispositioned against things they don't like, and naturally lean towards things they do. Cliques stick together because most people have already TRIED branching out, and got rewarded with nothing in return. You're preaching to the choir.

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    I stopped fighting about this for the past few years or so. (not on RPC) Nothing is ever going to change, and sadly these kind of things will be around within fandom/canon character rooms specifically. I was angry and mad just like you, but just got over it. Everybody used to say it was "just me", but am glad others finally agree that RP chat rooms can be cliquey and/or unfriendly to outsiders.

  • It is certainly a noticeable issue. The same two or three people will go around making a plethora of alts they room hop in, to exclusively rp with one another... again and again. Some of them are disruptive, others are not.

    Regardless, what I can't possibly fathom is why they don't either just create their own room, or take it somewhere offsite if they have no intention of ever writing with anyone else. I can't even tell you how many times I have seen the same two people writing with one another on various alts in one of the rooms I frequent, on various characters, and do not allow anyone else to ever join. For whatever reason, they want privacy ... yet refuse DMs like the plague.

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