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See Friends Easier in Room

Sometimes it can be a challenge to find a post of a friend you are roleplaying with in a sea of other posts in a room. I would like there to be a feature to where there is a label next to someone's post that is added on your friends list, like a small emerald or something. That way you can find them easier and not have to spend so much time trying to find it, to the point where it may have disappeared from all the new messages coming in.


  • It is definitely not the same as your friend posting @ you has to remember to tag you, and perhaps you already know this, but if you drag someone's name over to your post (I just did it in PMs so people weren't giving me odd looks) - then it does insert the link to their profile which turns into a tag, like so.

    But you still have to be paying attention or you'll miss it. Perhaps at the very least, Dav could add some sort of notification setting, if someone tags you in a post?

  • It could be good to do that little human icon next to the name like it shows there, but put it automatically and only appear if that person is a friend. I think it would be good. The idea you mentioned could work, though it requires just a little more effort, but I believe people would get into that really easily.

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