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Tell us about yourself.


  • I'm the strongest!

  • Scheherazade is a member of the very large and controversial WayStone family. She will be the one to work with this new forum.

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  • im an asshole

  • Yall know who I am. The pain in the butt coder at your service.

  • AceAce
    edited March 2019

    Eyo, most know me, go by Ace these days. Owner of Sexual Truth or Dare Club. Here if anyone needs anything.

  • I make shitty Jojo art. Owner of the Jojo room, at your service! .。*゚+.*.。(❁´◡`❁)。.。:+

  • wattup wattup wattuppp name's otis i'm 19 and i never learned how to fuckin read

  • Hi, my name is Phil and I am just here to find a role playing partner. End of story.

  • I got the best hair

  • Hiii, I'm Jynn. Just lookin around and seein what's up.

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    Mostly testing this out but yeah, hi. I think a fair amount of people already know me. . . . edit test.

  • I'm a MIL--I mean I'm a friendly lady that lives next to you--be sure to drop by for some tea, okay?

  • Hey there, I am one that visit the site a fair bit, but would rather not say who I am, mostly due to how varry they are depending on my mood and the day.

  • Hello.

  • Only the most savage of bears.

  • I'm Robin, and I'll be robbin' your heart

  • I'm Deum--I hold The Monster Layouts (previously known as Ellexide Codes)--AND I'M BOUTTA DAB ON THEM HATERS

  • My name is DAMIEN FUCKIN LAVEY and you best remember it if you know what's good for you.

  • You first Dav! (When I try to quote Dav, it gives me a 'Request failed with status code 500' error.) Seems to work with others though! Hmmm. :)

  • The most gangsta, pimpin, bitch-fuckin, slob-killin, gang-bangin, money-makin, mothefucker around.

  • I am Fishy and I am here to glub.

  • I'm Little Bird! Tweet tweet!

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    Some big talk being bandied around here... 😉 ~ If you're a fan of rp and a gay guy... I'll have an impressions to make there. 😇

  • I can write sweetly or darkly... it's just a matter of shared tastes, and coniderate writing with honesty, ~x~

  • my name odus and im a fuckin stain

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