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Screen Name Hoarding......

I really wish something could be done with name hoarders that make screen names and have the active user perk, and they never sign onto them to role play them at all, and never get deleted. Or you get people that collects certain screen names, even when they belonged to someone else and they were heartbroken when their name was taken cause they can't afford the active name perk and life kept them busy so they couldn't sign in before the 30 days.


  • I agree it can be frustrating. Most of the time, in my experience, not only are they name holding, but their profile is blank and has never been coded, which is a pretty good sign it's not even being used or might not have ever been logged into. I wish there was a way to regulate deleting a profile regardless of the active profile perk if a profile has never been coded or logged into.

    A couple suggestions in the meantime, probably a little redundant, but just in case it helps anyone:

    • Try mailing the person about it. They could be holding onto it without realizing, or with no intention of using it again. It's worth a shot!
    • Log on while you're on mobile if you ever have idle time in your day. Slow time at work, waiting for a bus, etc.
    • (kind of obvious, but nonetheless) just bite the bullet and pay the ten bucks for the active profiles. It's really not much considering how much hassle it can potentially save for people with tons of names.
  • I tend to notice that most people on here want a name but will not actually ask for it-- some people are actually pretty nice and give the name back. Maybe mail them and ask or you may have to wait till they delete or the profile expires. :c

  • Well the thing is, one of my friends that I know lost his screen name last april during the April 1st Purge. He was pretty active between that name and another name of his. This individual (shall remain nameless) swiped it up, and I know this guy wanted one particular screen name in general and was quite peeved when I managed to talk the owner into letting me have it. So I messaged the guy and told him that I knew how much he wanted the screen name that I had in my possession and I would be willing to part with it in trade for the one name he currently owned that belonged to my friend (I was gonna give it back to him.) He told me no that he signs onto that name quite frequently (he doesn't rp on it, just sits there in the mlp room). He then proceeded to offer four names he had that he would trade for it.. two of which were names I had already owned previously and in my opinion didn't feel like an equal trade for the one I was willing to part with. So I told him No Thanks.

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