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Room Logs?

I have to imagine that the suggestion of making room activity logs available has come up before. I'm even fairly sure I have mailed Dav directly to ask about it a long time ago, but did not get a response.

I'm curious if it's something that was considered and decided against, or not practical, or a matter of cost, or what. I would certainly be willing to pay for such a privilege, and I suspect many room owners would, as well, even if it were a recurring cost (as it seems likely it would become more of an ongoing operating cost for RPC.)


  • No doubt that'd be a lot more data compared to two people chatting in DMs. But it does sound like a good idea, especially to gather proof about someone saying something they should not have.

  • @Dav Is there any possibility of this ever getting implemented? Is it on a to-do list, or has it been nixed?

  • I'm starting to think he doesn't even check the forums anymore.

  • I will some day add it. I'll go as far as to say some time this year or next year. More likely some time in 2020.

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