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People Stealing Profiles Codes

So I've been noticing an increase in people using other peoples codings, finding a name similar to the name they are stealing and then proceed to use the copy pasted code to write. I have now ran into maybe 5 in the last 3 months and thats not counting even my own names through the last year thats also been stolen. I really feel like something need to be done. I'm not sure what but this is getting a little too crazy now.


  • And they are always in PM only I guess to hide the new tag or to hide within the mass of PM only folk. Its really weird.

  • Even the other day, I was in a bigger room, just kinda idling and I saw a name come up that seemed really familiar. It was my old character with my old code and everything that random dropped into the room I was in then headed back to PM only. Its a little unfair that people can take other peoples real hard work and try to pull off that they were the 'correct owner' the whole time. it will ruin reputations, maybe even friendships if someone isn't paying attention. Its not good and something should give. Because I can say at this rate my characters and coding and I don't feel near as safe anymore and no offense to Dav but offering old codes by a mere name search?? Might have started this. Its helpful sure but if this is what we get outta it, just stop using it.

  • This is little different than 'using' the art of other people. Whether your beef is with them stealing the html code or the character concept, it's all more or less the same thing.

  • So you're okay with people kidnapping your own code for instance and pretending to be you?

    Stealing pieces of coding is one thing but copy and pasting the whole code thats not even their's to start??

    They aren't stealing a character concept they are stealing characters with the exact same coding that the original's have. Same art, same information, same background color, even close / if not the same name.

  • I'm really sorry that's happened to you. It's unfortunate, but I don't think you can really legally "own" any of it... I feel like it's just one of the risks you take with posting things freely on the internet. People have probably taken characters off RPC as well to use on other sites, and vice versa.

  • I'm not okay with it, to be sure - but I openly acknowledge the hypocrisy of my own actions. That doesn't mean I'm not wrong though. If you're okay "borrowing" art for a profile, then you can't really legitimately argue when people borrow any (or all) of your own property. *shrug*

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