Bannable Offenses

  • Linking to or discussing other RP sites.
  • This includes all Discord servers, regardless their type.
    Off-site pages linked to from RPC must also follow these rules.

  • Bypassing anything that says [FILTERED].
  • Don't assume it's okay. It's filtered for a reason.

  • Relaying messages for banned users, such as contact info.

  • Encouraging bannable offenses from other users.
    This includes knowingly interacting with banned users while on RPC.
    If you know they're supposed to be banned and you interact with them, you encourage them to ban bypass.
    You can be friends with whoever you like outside of RPC, but on RPC the punishment of a ban must stick.

  • Referring to members of Staff in any negative fashion.
  • This includes off-site interactions.

  • Being under 18 years of age.

  • Not obeying the Image Rules.

  • Sharing private logs without the consent of both parties.
  • Unless you're DMing room staff to report something.

  • Bullying / Trolling / Harassment

  • Racism / Racist RP
  • Characters portraying stereotypes of any real race for raceplay are disallowed.
    (nsfw) A White Bitch had images containing N-words and other racist text.
    (nsfw) Aryanne Hitler was literally a Nazi pony.
    (nsfw) BBC profile used disrespectful racial caricatures and stereotypical vernacular.
    (nsfw) BBC Matters used images of women with "black owned" tattoos.
    (nsfw) Big white cock had "white power" and "inferior chink fuckholes".
    (nsfw) Black Momma stated blacks are prone to drugs, poverty, criminality, and unwanted pregnancy.
    (nsfw) Black Slave Girls was a profile about black women addicted to white pp.
    (nsfw) Shaniqua was about a white racist guy turned into a black prostitute.

  • Perk shaming.
  • Trying to make others feel bad about their adult decisions in how they used their own money because it differs from what you would do.

  • Selling profile names.
  • You may only trade profile names for in exchange for Excess.
    This bypasses the backorder method and speeds up obtaining names without ripping them from their owners.
    Attempting to trade names for money will result in the loss of that name.
    You are not allowed to advertise names you are trading. You must be approached with offers of Excess.

  • Seeking adult RP with non-adult characters or ones that depict a non-adult appearance.
  • Unsure about an image? When in doubt, throw it out.

    Image Rules

    -- The guidelines listed below are secondary to the United States law.

  • Where these apply
  • Profiles (including links), RP Ads, Sceneries, and Room/DM Backgrounds.

  • Real Depictions
  • If a character appears under 18 years of age and is using a real photo for their faceclaim that is NOT allowed.
    -- This rule only applies to those that will ever do lewd RP with those characters.
    -- This means no Harry Potter RP using faceclaims of the child actors in adult scenes.
    -- It also means no RPing adult teens as if they were younger, such as a 15 year old cheerleader.

  • Drawn/Rendered Depictions
  • If a character appears under 18 years of age (even if vampire etc.), it must be fully clothed.
    -- Same applies for nekos, furries, and other humanoids.
    -- "fully clothed" includes no obscenities. (nipple marks, camel toes, bulges, etc.)
    -- No suggestive sexualization, "posing", or appearing in the same image as lewd individuals.

  • Real Animals
  • Nothing cruel or sexual allowed.

    Banning FAQ

  • What do I do if I get banned?
  • Submit an appeal and be patient.
    Assuming it's permanent and then telling me off in your appeal may actually make it permanent.
    Telling all your friends may result in them getting banned because they flip out to avenge you.
    Sometimes I ban to discuss things with people. It's my way of stopping you at the door.
    Even if you were really bad, depending on your response, you may be able to return in the future.

  • What are some tips to use when appealing my ban?
  • Take it seriously. Joking around doesn't help.
    Be genuine and realize your offense.
    Try not to sound entitled.
    Convince me it won't happen again.

  • You ban a lot of people. You must be ban-happy.
  • I'm never happy about having to ban someone.

    About Discord Servers

  • No public Discord server invites.

  • What's allowed:
    You may ask friends for their Discord ID to add them. ie: "That was a fun RP. What's your Discord ID?"
    You may not pass out server codes/links.
    You may not display a Discord server invite on any pages linked from RPC, such as your room's Weebly.