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About Us

Roleplay Chat is an online chat room application for text roleplayers to meet new people seeking a large social community with an erotic RP majority, including futanari and furry roleplayers. Find new friends and collaborate on stories with strangers in a community dedicated to writing stories together. Our roleplaying chatrooms feature tabbed DMs, full HTML profiles, avatars, dice rolls, moderation tools, and more to deliver the best story-driven RP chat on the web.

Chat now on the best chat website created with roleplaying in mind. Whether it's a random chat or a more adult chat you're seeking, our online free chat room design has you covered. User-created rooms are self-moderated and in most rooms, adult RP is allowed. Most members roleplay sexually explicit characters, but you'll find clean roleplay as well. At RPC, we believe roleplaying online should be a safe experience for all, so be sure to read the chat rules before joining, and please enjoy your stay!


The staff of this site, or any other affiliates, are not responsible for any materials you view or download from this site or any of the third parties it has linked to.

It is assumed that if you enter this site, you are 18 years of age or older and are not offended by the material contained in this site or any sites to which it is linked.

If there is any misunderstanding or disagreement about the contents of or related to this page, leave now.

Terms of Service

While using you agree that you will obey the rules of the site to the best of your ability.

You will not use scripts or bots for texting, data collection, or any other reason.

You will not attempt to exploit the chat system in any fashion.

Using the chat to make threats or conduct acts of illegal activities will result in a site ban and possibly the contacting of law enforcement.

Privacy Policy

There is no expectation of privacy when using the site. Examples of information collected:

Bannable Offenses

This includes all Discord servers, regardless of their type.
Off-site pages linked to RPC must also follow these rules.

Don't assume it's okay. It's filtered for a reason.

This includes off-site interactions.

Unless you're DMing chat logs to room staff to report another member.

Characters portraying stereotypes of any real race for raceplay are disallowed.

Trying to make others regret their decisions for how they used their money because it differs from what you would do.

You may only trade profile names in exchange for Excess.
Attempting to trade names for money will result in the loss of that name.
You are not allowed to advertise profile names you are trading. You must be approached with offers of Excess.

Unsure about an image? When in doubt, throw it out.

e.g. Batman, Bruce Wayne, The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader

Image Rules

-- The guidelines listed below are secondary to the United States law.

Profiles (including links), Avatars, RP Ads, Sceneries, and Room/DM Backgrounds.

If a character appears under 18 years of age and is using a real photo for their faceclaim that is NOT allowed.
-- This rule only applies to those that will ever do lewd roleplay with those characters.
-- This means no Harry Potter roleplay using faceclaims of the child actors in adult scenes.
-- It also means no roleplaying adult teens as if they were of a younger age.

If a character appears under 18 years of age (even if vampire etc.), it must be fully clothed.
-- Same applies for nekos, furries, and other humanoids.
-- "fully clothed" means no partial nudity or obscenities. (see-through clothing, bulges, etc.)
-- No suggestive posing or appearing in the same image as other NSFW characters.

Banning FAQ

Submit an appeal and be patient.
Assuming it's permanent and then telling me off in your appeal may make it permanent.
Telling all your friends may result in them getting banned because they flip out to avenge you.
Sometimes I ban to discuss things with people. It's my way of stopping you at the door.
Even if you were really bad, depending on your response, you may be able to return in the future.

Take it seriously. Joking around doesn't help.
Be genuine and realize your offense.
Convince me it won't happen again.

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